March 2024 Board of Regents Meeting

March 7-8, 18

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Agenda: March 2024 (PDF)


9:00 a.m. Health Sciences Visit Day
Twin Cities campus


8:30 a.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Board of Regents Meeting 
Regent Mayeron, Chair/Regent Huebsch & Regent Kenyanya, Co-Vice Chairs

1.    Approval of Minutes – Action – J. Mayeron
2.    Report of the Interim President – J. Ettinger
3.    Report of the Chair – J. Mayeron
4.    Receive & File Reports – J. Mayeron 
       A.    Virtual Forum Comments
       B.    UMN Students for Climate Justice
       C.    Reports to the State of Minnesota
              i.    Contamination Remediation of University Land in Rosemount, Minnesota
              ii.    2024 Forever Green Initiative Mandated Report
5.    Consent Report – Review/Action – J. Mayeron
       A.    Gifts
       B.    Report of the Naming Committees
       C.    Employment Agreement
6.    Report of the Student Representatives to the Board of Regents – F. Yang/H. Johnson
7.    Public Safety Update: Spring Semester – J. Ettinger/M. Clark/K. Bonneson
8.    President-Designate Cunningham Employment Agreement – Review/Action – J. Mayeron
9.    Presidential Conflicts of Interest – Action – B. Steeves
10.    Board of Regents Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority – Review – B. Steeves
11.    Reports of Committees
        A.    Standing Committees
        B.    Special Committees
12.    Old Business
13.    New Business
14.    Resolution to Conduct Non-Public Meeting of the Board of Regents to Discuss Attorney-Client Privileged Matters – Review/Action – D. Peterson
15.    Adjournment

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MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2024

2:00 p.m.
West Committee Room, 6th floor McNamara Alumni Center
Litigation Review Committee Special Meeting
Regent T. Johnson, Chair/Regent Turner, Vice Chair
  1. Resolution to Conduct Non-Public Special Meeting of the Litigation Review Committee to Discuss Attorney-Client Privileged Matters - Review/Action - D. Peterson

Materials and videos

Board of Regents

Litigation Review Committee Special Meeting - March 18